A Dirty Colon: Truth or Myth?

With all the talk about colon cleansers, you may wonder if you have a dirty colon that needs to be cleaned out.

Truth be told, my thought is that all this hoop-lah about cleaning out the colon can sometimes be a little overrated.

There is a saying that death begins in the colon. I think death begins in the types of food we eat and whether or not we stress out about different circumstances in our life.

For now, let’s stick with the colon.

There are the alternative health professionals who believe that what you eat should move through your system in 24 hours. Then, there are many American doctors say that you are not constipated if you have a bowel movement once every three days.

Who do you believe? I am not quite sure myself.

What I do know is that vegetables and fruit can move through your system in 24 hours. Meat will talk longer to digest and move through your system.

From experience, I know if I eat sugary foods, processed foods, sodas, microwaved foods, fast food, don’t exercise enough, and don’t drink enough water, I have bowel movements more like once every three days.

When I detox and minimize eating the unhealthy foods (like a snack bag of Doritos), eat food with fiber, exercise, and drink lots of water, I have bowel movements 1-2 times a day.

So really, you will most likely have a dirty colon that is clogged up if you are eating the unhealthy foods mentioned above, not getting enough fiber, not exercising, and not drinking enough water.

Now, I would certainly recommend talking to a doctor if you have chronic constipation or something more serious. The reason for doing so is that there may be an underlying health problem you are not aware of. In that case, detoxifying may or may not be appropriate for you.

In some cases, the belief is that stool will get backed up if you are hanging onto to something in your life. Some people call that being constipated in your life.

There have been one or two occasions when I have been holding onto a fear of how someone would react to a request I wanted to make. Once I moved through the fear, the constipation disappeared for that day.

However, that is not a scientifically proven method to eliminate constipation. But, if you are constipated in other areas of your life, releasing those old issues will most likely give you some peace of mind. Peace of mind does have a tendency to positively impact health.

But I digress. If you are worried about a dirty colon or toxic colon and you are in good health, there are no worries. You can detoxify yourself pretty easily with a colon cleanser and optimize your health.

I personally detoxify one or two times a year to optimize my health. However, you must do what you are comfortable with doing.

I would NOT recommend detoxifying too much.

Continuously using colon cleansers, over the long term, can have is not beneficial (see danger of colon cleansers ).

DISCLAIMER: This website was created to share the benefits of alternative health, and is for educational purposes. What is written is not a substitute for medical care. It is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition.

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