Shamballa Reiki:
A Powerful Energy for Healing

You may have never heard of Shamballa Reiki before. You might wonder, yet another Reiki method? How many are there?

There are many so many styles of Reiki. I couldn’t bring myself to leave this style of Reiki out.

Imagine that you try out a healing session with a Shamballa Reiki practitioner. You might be looking for connecting to your inner guidance or intuition.

As you go through the session, many emotions come up. You move through them. As the session begins to come to a close, an inner peace ensues that you have not known for a long time.

How is that possible?

Shamballa Reiki is powerful and deep cleansing. It stands for freedom, love, and a knowingness of your connection to spirituality.

This style of alternative energy healing operates at a higher level than some styles of Reiki Therapy. The energies that facilitate the healing are more profound and intense.

I would say that Shamballa Reiki goes even deeper than Karuna Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy. This style of Reiki was once described in this way…

Shamballa moves everything out of the way anything that gets in the way of you being your natural self.

Said in another way, Shamballa is like Michelangelo carving out David – Michelangelo chipped everything away that was not David. That is what Shamballa energy does with people.

The result is that “negative” emotions and beliefs begin to clear away. As your body readjusts, dis-ease can naturally dissolve.

NOTE: This is NOT a substitute for seeing a doctor.


Some people felt a positive impact in career.

Others felt better, more relaxed and more focused.

Others noticed that it facilitated their client’s well-being more quickly and more profoundly.

Still others indicated a significant reduction in the occurrence of back pain and headaches.

My Experience

I booked a Shamballa Reiki session just so I could have an easier time sharing about this type of alternative energy healing.

I went into a session with an intention to gain clarity or see the next step in what I would like to do for a vocation. And, if I could see the next step in facilitating the healing of different physical ailments that I have, that would be even better.

What I discovered is that the practitioner was going to have me connect to my intuition by listening to my heart. There was a point when I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it.

All I could think about was a relationship (not a romantic relationship) with a person that wasn’t working. I had been really angry and frustrated. Underneath all that was sadness. I was very sad that I had gone from liking the person to really disliking her.

I had been trying to reach the person to resolve anything in the way of having everything resolved, and could not reach her. Interestingly, the practitioner said that the person may be shocked that I was coming to her with an issue that she wasn’t even aware was a problem for me.

We went through a process, and I cried so much I regretted that I did not have any Kleenex nearby. I had no idea I had so much pent up emotion.

After I moved through the sadness, I felt a profound sense of peace. Then, I discovered what listening to my intuition looks like. Sensing my intuition became easy.

I sensed I needed to give the other person space (I didn’t end up doing that). Then, I listened to my intuition around money and career. It was great.

My sense of the energy from this style of “Reiki” (some people say it is not Reiki) was very powerful. I had not encountered a style of Reiki or alternative energy healing that has been this powerful before.

That said…

I did reach the person with whom I had the issue. We resolved everything. The person did say she was shocked and had thought everything was all good before I kept trying to reach her. She was annoyed that I had left so many messages and txt messages.

We both shared our perspectives of the situations that bothered us. For the first time, we stayed on the call until we were BOTH empowered.

After the call ended, all I wanted to do for the next 30 minutes is just cry. I think it was a release of all the pent up emotions. I also think I was very moved and inspired by the conversation.

One other odd thing happened...

I have lost my taste for sweets and drinking Coca Colas. I used to crave some type of sugar before the session.

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