Third Eye Chakra:
Mind Power & Wisdom

The third eye chakra is the seat of our mentality, our ability to reason, our beliefs, and our attitudes.

The conscious and subconscious are connected this chakra as well. In Eastern cultures, the third eye is the center of our intuitive abilities.

NOTE: what I am about to say below is NOT a cure for any physical or mental illness. Alternative energy healing and Reiki Therapy practitioners only FACILITATE healing for this chakra.

The location of the third eye chakra (also known as brow chakra or 6th chakra) is in the center of the forehead.

At the physical level, the third eye chakra is connected to the brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal gland, and pituitary gland.

When there is dis-ease in these organs, the dis-ease may show up as a brain tumor, hemorrhage, stroke, neurological disturbances, blindness, deafness, full spinal difficulties, learning disabilities, and seizures.

The third eye chakra is also impacted by how we react emotionally or mentally.

Positive mental and emotional attributes that are connected to the third eye chakra are self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy, openness to the ideas of other people, emotional experience and intelligence, learning from experience, and memories that are contained in our LINKmental body.

The mental and emotional issues that get in the way of a healthy third eye chakra are an unwillingness to look with in and deal with one’s fears, fear of truth, fear of valid judgment, fear of your shadow side, fear of receiving coaching or feedback from another and fear of discipline.

One could say that using the third eye chakra is where you get to use your intuition and the power of your word to manifest something in reality.

Also, the third eye chakra is connected to when people recognize the profound contribution they can make to the lives of others – not just from what they do, but from how they be with the people they encounter.

Third Eye Chakra:

Detachment is the important lesson associated with the brow chakra. With detachment, you no longer take anything personally. You just learn a lesson from the experience.

When you use the third eye to its fullest, you exist in a state of beginner’s mind. Everything is new and you can create and fulfill on anything.

Further, when you are detached no one person, circumstance, or thing can determine your life path. Nothing can take your power away from you. Only you can do that.

I am going to use a simple example.

When I lead introductory seminars, the preparation goes well. The coaching calls with the people involved go well, and the event happens. The event happens because all I am focused on is the difference I am out to make for other people.

Now, let’s look at another situation.

The introductory seminars that I am supposed to lead keep falling through. I could say maybe the people involved aren’t taking the coaching, they are not enthused, people don’t want what I have to offer, etc. But that isn’t really it.

The lack of power is really over here with me and no one else. In some cases, I just want to lead one event that month and not two or three.

When I see that, I am able to provide the type of coaching that makes a difference for the people involved before the event happens. And, then instead of having another failed event, I get to lead an introductory seminar to some really amazing people.

Third Eye Chakra:
Detachment (cont’d)

There is something to watch out for which is assuming that anything that you think is the truth or the way it is. You may get stuck in that a situation has to be a certain way for you to have power, move forward, etc.

Ultimately, detachment is the realization is that everything is perfect the way it is and the way it is not.

This is easier said than done, and entirely possible. This is the opportunity to keep being in the flow of the present moment where there are no wrong choices.

I am going to use an example. Most of us, in the U.S. at least, work a job from nine to five. Some people work longer hours. As an entrepreneur, you might not have a desire to work on only one business 40 hours a week.

You may want your contribution to look many, many different ways whether it looks like running a couple of businesses, taking that long needed vacation, or giving your time to an additional worthy cause.

We could say that only productive entrepreneurs work 40 hours a week. I, personally, have lots of evidence that many entrepreneurs work much longer hours.

You can be right about the belief and attitude that you must work 40 hours a week. The other option could be, you could work two 6 hour days and three 2 hour days. You really do get to say how it goes.

Let me give you another example just in case that one is too hard to swallow.

There is a story where a woman cut the two ends of the ham off every time she baked a ham. When the daughter grew up and made her own ham, the daughter cut the two ends of the ham off.

At one point, the daughter asked the mom why they cut the two ends off the ham. The mom didn’t know. So, the mom asked the grandmother why she cut the two ends off the ham.

The grandmother said something like, “I cut the two ends off the ham because the ham didn’t fit in the pan.”

Third Eye Chakra:
The Power of Waiting

Now, let’s go to a different example of detachment and the power of waiting and doing nothing. Oftentimes, we fill our lives with many activities or buy things to fill an empty void.

But sometimes, there is power in stopping what we are doing and just do nothing. Way more good can be accomplished by doing nothing, going within, and letting your inner guidance show you the next few steps to take.

I know someone who completed a life altering course. Afterwards, he realized he didn’t want to work just so the people above him could make money.

He took some time off and did some reflection. After a couple of months or so, he realized what he wanted to do. He landed the job that allowed him to make the kind of difference he wanted to make.

Third Eye Chakra:
Consciousness in Health

One thing that is important is to notice how your emotions and state of mind can impact your health.

Let’s use an example here. I am sure many people reading this site have had an injury at some point. Have you ever noticed that when you are really frustrated, the muscles in your body tense, and the injury becomes more painful?

How about this one: you are really stressed and frustrated throughout your workday. You come home tired. The other option might have been that you had a highly productive day that you enjoyed. You still have energy when you come home.

You can take a look at your emotional and mental state and interrupt how it is going. Not letting your emotions and thoughts run your life may help prevent di-sease.

However, this page is not designed to go through a process to show you how to deal with run away thoughts and emotions. An alternative energy healing session or Reiki Therapy session may help you there.

My personal example is that for a long time I was conflicted about whether or not I should stop participating in one of my after work activities. I was sure that if I didn’t get the conflict resolved, it would show up as some sort of dis-ease in my body if it wasn’t already.

I spoke to a spiritual master with the intention that my conflict would be resolved. Within 30 seconds, I was no longer conflicted about what to do.

The result of the elimination of conflicted emotions and thoughts was peace of mind, joy, freedom, being in the present moment, and happiness. I was free to stop being so self-absorbed.

If nothing else, my mental and emotional states were positively impacted. It’s too soon to say what kind of impact there is on my physical body.

However, I can say that any energy that my body was directing to that conflict can now be redirected to wherever my body might need healing.

Third Eye Chakra:
The Art of Consciousness

This is really a summary with a couple of simple points. All power resides within you. No one can ever take away your power. No one can ever take away who you are for yourself.

The only time your power is taken away from you is when you give it away to a person, a thing, or a circumstance. The power is yours alone.

You can go to many really cool seminars and get high on the experience. However, if you don’t change yourself from the inside out, you will return home the same person that you were as when you left for the seminar.

It is one thing to read and hear about the wonderful possibilities of enlightenment and what that makes available.

However, you have to be willing to do the inner work on yourself. Otherwise, you just become an enlightenment junkie getting high on whatever seminars you attend or whatever books you read.

Not everyone is ready for the changes that you are ready for. Just be aware of that.

DISCLAIMER: This website was created to share the benefits of alternative health, and is for educational purposes. What is written is not a substitute for medical care. It is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition.


Much of the information presented here was gleaned from the following resource:

Myss, Caroline, PhD (1996). Anatomy of the Spirit. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press.

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