Worried About Stringy Bowel Movement

by Rachel

Why do I keep having a brown stringy thing coming out of my bottom after I have had a poo? It has happened 4 times now, and the 'string' seems to be getting longer.

Response to Worried About Stringy Bowel Movement:

There are a couple of reasons why you are having a string-like bowel movement.

There is a possibility that the food you are eating is causing you to have stringy poop. Some people had this problem after eating chow mein, celery or green beans.

In other cases, people have found that the bowel movement has strings of mucus in it. This can show up if you have irritable bowel syndrome.

The other problem could be parasites or worms. If it is parasites or worms, you can try Tri-Plex which Is an herbal cleanse for people who have issues with parasites.

You might have to go through two bottles of it to remove all parasites. I have used it before and have had good results with it.

However, I do offer a word of warning, I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose what is going on. For best results and some peace of mind, I recommend that you go to a doctor.

You may want to take a sample of your stool with you so that the doctor can actually see what you are dealing with.

I know my suggestion is gross. However, some people went to the doctor and only told the doctor what was going on and the doctor did not believe them. So, some people actually started taking stool samples into their doctor’s appointments.

If you still cannot get a satisfactory answer, I recommend that you ask around for a referral to a doctor who practices alternative health and traditional health.

Doctors who practice traditional healthcare and alternative healthcare are often more open to the possibility of parasites or will look deeper into your health issue.

DISCLAIMER: This website was created to share the benefits of alternative health, and is for educational purposes. What is written is not a substitute for medical care. It is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition. Please consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition.

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